Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Should You Do ?

There are certain universal laws that govern our lives. For example, the law of gravity is a universal law. Whether you acknowledge it or not, it exists and we all are at the effect of it.
Such as that, there is a law of give and take. The law very simply states, you cannot give that isnt yours and you musnt take that isnt yours. It also states you cannot give if you havent created, and you cannot take if your havent earned. It also states in your giving, you grant the permission of giving. In taking you must have the permission to take.
If that law is applied to the 500 dirham note at the airport :
1. The note isnt mine, so i cant take it.
2. I havent earned it so i cant take it.
3. The owner did not grant me the permission to take it, so i cant take it.

A quantum physist would explain the law scientifically, and i love this theory. According to quantum physics all matter is energy. And energy is always vibrating and flowing and is either negatively charged or positively charged. An object that is negatively charged will emit negative energy and an object that is positively charged will emit positive energy. How does an object get charged ? Through our thoughts and emotions. When we focus our thoughts and emotions on an object, we influence its energy field.

Money is the greatest form of energy. If you expend your energy in stress, frustration or deciet to earn it, that money earned will serve you negatively. If you expend your energy in joy, love, fairness and delight to earn it, that money earned will bring you greater positivity.

So when one loses money, that money is negatively charged, because the person losing it feels negatively about it. You hold in your hand, an object that represnts someone else's loss. In "quantum physics" that will only cause more loss to you.

In spiritual terms, the law of karma comes to play. If you didnt earn it, it isnt yours. As simple as that.

Now what about our theory of luck ? Luck is used ignorantly by so many of us. If we cant explain it, its luck. If we cant repeat the same success, it was luck in the first place. If you look at the word LUCK closely, it means Labour Under Correct Knowledge. And that means you must live and act with knowledge.

You have some now :O) And thank you for all your comments. I appreciate your interest.


Vishal said...

That is simply BRILLIANT !
such a refreshing and interesting insight..and can be applied to our daily lives..
will definitely keep this theory in mind.
Thank you for all these valuable lessons..and more :o)

Anuj :) said...

What a super theory!!! I loved it. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you share with us. All of a sudden there is this flow of positivity within me.
Thank You Ma'am. :)

jack said...
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Suraj said...

hey that is Superb!!!!! That makes a lot of value to me :-) i will always remember this. Thanks

jack said...

easy come, easy go, money found will be soon money lost.

nupur said...

Interesting blog. rightly said by jack..easy come easy go..its soo true.

ashok said...

Thats very true! knowledge keeps you on top,yous luck is within....
But priya how one can increase positivity in himself?

Ravi said...

When somebody writes down a theory explains the same in a simple manner for everybody to understand, that's a great deed indeed.

Regarding the give and take concept explained, I wanted to add a corollary two penny bit.

Give and take(tangible or intangible, physical or non physical) to me is a balance that the Super Power controls. You will surely get back what you give. We only have to remember(the tough one for human beings) not to expect anything back from the person you gave in the first place. That;s how it goes. A gives to B, B gives to C, C perhaps gives to D and E. Then perhaps X gives to A, D to B, P to M and so on. We should not try to control, maintain the equilibrium and get mentally affected by it. Be happy when you give, be happy when you get.