Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How Far Will You Go ?

I get so many emails and smses from people around the world, asking me on a few tips on how to be successful. If one wants to be successful, it's gonna take more than just a few tips. Its gonna take grit and guts to act upon the tip.
an incident a few months ago, where Dhirubhai Ambani before he came to Bombay acted upon one such "success tip". He had immense faith in one of his guru's and had expressed his desire on becoming one of the richest businessmen of the country to him. Mr. Ambani would visit his guru everyday to take his blessings before he started his day. One morning the guru gave Dhirubhai Ambani a small red pouch, he told him, "The day has finally come, take this pouch, and leave for Bombay. There is nothing else you need, no one you need to visit, no one you need to inform, just go, and never look back." And Dhirubhai Ambani did just that. He took that pouch and with whatever little money he had in his pocket that morning he left for the station and never looked back.
My question is, if you were in his place, what would you do ? Would you really "act upon" the tip ? Or would you convenience yourself to act upon it ? Would you not try to work around it, and find a way that most suits you ? Such as atleast go home and carry some clothes, some money, some food, inform your family and a gazillian other tasks ? Or would you heed the words of someone you have great faith in, and ACT.
Your answer will either connect you with the Late Ambani's attitude or set you in the league of the "rest".
Success tips are every where. There are no secrets, its all out in the open. But the question is, "How far will you go ?" "How far will you go in turning that tip into a tornado ?"


nupur said...

Its a very beautiful article. it hits you in the face. I love it. I think its the best out of the lot.
Waiting for more

Sandy said...

Hi Pryia!

I really like your blog, your posts are very inspiring.

This topic made me think about one thing I use to do. And I want your opinion about it:

I use very often quotes that I write on the white board of my desk, depending on what I focus at that moment.

I just finished my thesis and the quote written on the board was:

"Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win." (- Bobby Knight)

This helped me to focus my attention on the goal I had to achieve, in order not to be like most of the people, but like the few ones who actually ACT to achieve what they want.

Tank you for sharing these things in your blog... And go on writing them, I'm sure you will make more than one reflect about your statements :)