Monday, May 7, 2007

One Shot to Fame

We all live with a secret dream. It all begins with "I wish i was.....", "I wish i could...." These are wishes that would defy reality should they come true. These are those intimate desires that we are afraid to even confront, at the mere impossibility of them materialising.
I had one such desire of owning a car, a sports model, in my twenties. This was an impossibility way back then because of the financial background i came from. But i took the courage to make my wish a command. And in a few short months, i drove my yellow sports lancer.
Years later, today, i do the same process with every wish. Whether it is expanding my company into international markets or even to buy a red BMW convertible. The process is simple and so much fun. Its not just what you would gain, but also who you would become at the end of the process. And the bottom line, like any too good to be true commercial reads, *conditions apply.
I feel everyone has the capacity to turn their wishes around, to turn their dreams into a reality. If you are committed to making your dreams come true, i am committed to make you a success. I am now running a project to take 12 people to the life of their dreams in 30 days. The 30 days would mark the beginning of an automatic process towards success.
If you want to be a part of my project, and its for free, you need to post in a comment on why you want to achieve what you want, and why are you willing to get help with it.
I want to convert my blog into a dialogue, and everyone else who reads will read about our daily success and process towards our dreams.
Success be ours,


nupur said...


I love your blog. I would like to join in the process of converting my dreams into reality. In the next 30days i want to do business worth 15lakhs, start co- facilitating and specialize in an area of training.

Have an outstanding week.


Vishal said...

I definitely want to be a part of your project.
I'm open to learning and growth and will give my 100% to this training.
Also- I must say- it's a very innovative concept indeed-- a blog which helps people turn their dreams into reality!
This is gonna get HUGE !