Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pain - Dental is Mental

If you have ever had a tooth ache (especially the one you have ignored for a long time), then you will understand that dental pain crosses that line of being just physical pain, it eventually becomes mental. Well, maybe,,, all pain, if left unattended, eventually affects us mentally.

Im the kind of person who does not eat medicines. I believe that the world's biggest pharmacy exists in our nervous system, and if we just allow ourselves the time and the rest, we will heal. But, some people have zero tolerance for pain. The minute there is pain, they want to run and hide from it, and pop the "pain killer". Well, let me tell you this, the pain killer does not kill the pain. It deadens or numbs the pain receptors so you wont feel the pain. Now here's the deal. The pain exists. Only you cant feel it. What good would it be too deaden a process that is naturally designed to save you ? If there were no pain, dude, you would have been long past dead.

Now imagine this, you stub your toe real bad and your nail is ripped off. But you feel no pain, and you continue on your way. And by the time, your foot grabs your attention, its already bled you off and become septic. And to take that scenerio to an extreme consequence.... you have to chop of your "gangerene" stricken foot. So is pain good ? Yes, it brings your attention towards a hurt and malfunction, so you may correct and fix it.

So, my tooth hurts and I refuse to eat a pain killer. So when pain struck me, I decided to time its duration. I took out my stop watch and observed that each time the pain struck, it lasted only 3 minutes or less. What I learnt is that if I just allowed "some time" the pain would pass. And the same is true for all pain in life. If I just "allow it some time" it will pass.

To kill pain receptors makes the system weak. To allow your system to learn and fix I think is the greatest survival tool one can learn.

Even when I have a head ache, if I just sleep it off, I am fine.
Even when my stomach is upset, if I just allow myself two days and light eating, I am fine.
Even when I catch a cold, and if I just drink some extra juice and rest, I am fine.
What I have done in the process is given a chance to my body to heal naturally, because it will. Its designed to heal, not to quit on your on a simple running nose or skin allergy. When I count on my nervous system to heal, it works up and it works fast.

And medicines, create more rucass than they heal. Pick up the pill pack and read the booklet. The "side effects" part wont impress you much. So the deal is, would you rather risk the 10 side effects mentioned , or fight out the pain for two days ? Your answer will either put you on the path of natural well being or artificially derived temporary relief.


gin soaked boy said...

true. pain exists for a reason. Like an acid test of sorts..
nice write up but very practical!

ashwani said...

very practical!!!!

Ravi said...

Any pain is mental!! And since pain is of different types, most of then not we do not know how to deal with them. Pain can sometimes act as a positive catalyst too. Also a lot of times different remedies work for different people!!

mavrik4evr said...

Its mental not to visit a dentist tho.. u may require a root canal.

anna said...

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shifz said...

i agree with the part that you should allow the natural way of healing...but having a pain and not consulting will be stupid...its not you who should decide if you need to pop the pills...better consult and let the physician decide..

s.uma said...

pain heals, as nature is the greatest doctor, and there are natural medicines available all around us(pepper, ginger, cummin seeds,poppy and fenugreek), so that they can be used without any side efforts. In the world of bacteria, virus and fungus with new microbes cropping then and there,nature has produced medicines for our sake, when the real need arises we must use it without being hesitant...