Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Power Series


I have a young friend (all of 22 years) and while visiting my home, he sat down and said, "I am so confused Priya, I dont know what to do in my life. There are so many options, opportunities and openings, I am confused."
I guess this kind of confusion hits many. Even though this young man is at the start of his career I have seen many seasoned executives often standing at the crossroads of their professional dillema wondering, "What do I do now?"

In my opinion, if there was a life changing question, the answer to which would put your actions, your thinking and your future towards progressive evolution, then that question is "Why?" Why is a question that will compel you to look for that reason, that motive behind what you will eventually choose to do. And that reason is your purpose; the purpose behind what you do.

So before you ask yourself "What should I do? Or How should I do it?" Stop and ask yourself, "Why should I do that at all?"
"Why should I write?"
"Why should I work?"
"Why should I exercise?"
"Why should I risk in love?"
"Why should I marry?"

The answer to The Why must give you goose bumps. The answer must make you stand up. If you feel the electricity flowing through your body, if you feel the surge of energy and a sudden burst of well being, then you have hit the correct why, the jackpot that will turn your life around.

"Why should I write?" - Because I have nothing better to do - Is not The real Why. It does not excite you. It does not enthrall you. It does not inspire you to get to your table and start playing on your key board. Continue for reasons until you jump out of your chair with the spirit to change the world with your writing!!!

Finding the real PURPOSE behind your actions is the real source of power. Purpose will ignite you, it will strengthen your spirit, it will spark your soul, it will fuel you with energy that will prevail for eternity in all the tasks you do. When someone witnesses your work, they will not help but be touched by your purpose. That is power, real power.

Stop for a moment, put your pen to rest, put your phone back on the reciever, take your fingers of your blackberry, and think "Why am I doing what I am doing?"


priyanka m said...

"Wow Priya...Your words continue to inspire me" may be understating the power in them:)This was a great kick start to what I believe will be a series of Power Packed Daily Insights for people like me:)You compelled me to think up straight and wonder of the innumerable "Whys" that I've yet not asked myself..And which I will, now! Thanks for this, Pika

Divya B said...

Awesome Priya...my life soo needed these words of wisdom.......i have this fire in the belly lit up all over again to really find my lost Purpose in life. Thank You:).

Kiku Bijlani said...

Thank you my Guiding Star.
At my age(65years) I had started feeling LOST.I will now find real purpose for living.

Sampada said...

hey Priya, you ignite so much energy in me. You are truly inspiration for me and my fiance. We both are big fan of you. We have read books of you.
You make people realize how to live life with full of love, passion, purpose.....
God Bless you dear. Take care.
We are waiting for your next book.

Ramesh C said...

Absolutely. Priya, I have read I am another you as well as your comments, blogs and articles. Everything is so genuine, close to heart and soul and purpose of your life. However, still one finds it difficult to find that purpose and number of people who are able to find the one are rare. This is why in India the common professions like engineering, medicine etc are so common and music, art are so un common. I want to share my perspective on US, Europe and many other countries where I travel frequently and meet various people. People in USA never have to worry for their basic needs and they have guts to start their prpose quite early in their life. Hence Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, Lary Ellison, Steve Jobs are born in USA, many people pursuing sports, music, art as their career and also become successful. I dont want to say that this is the only reason for Indians not to search their soul but is a one of the imp factors. The second aspect is our ability to jump into the fire. We are good in finding way out of uncertainity but have weak guts to take our chances, fail but rise again and play the game. We always are happy to be in a steady and smooth life which also comes with steady and smooth loss of opportunities. We do dream but take very few actions. I have come across many of my colleagues from western world taking six months off from their office and go for their hobbies. We think ten times for two weeks of holiday from office. Our promotion, pay rise and reputation come across as hurdles to take even two weeks of vacation for most of us. I am sure we have a lot to change, take a step and go after our happiness.

s.uma said...

why no more writings found in blog... 2011 and 2012 and 2013 priya... iam only reading from your articles part and satisfying myself. Kindly update...

s.uma said...

why no more writings found in blog... 2011 and 2012 and 2013 priya... iam only reading from your articles part and satisfying myself. Kindly update...