Thursday, July 30, 2015

Push Your Luck

I believe that luck is a matter of intention, strategic action and abundance of outflow. If you really want it and are willing to work on it and if you create enough outflow on it, you will get the results you desired. Luck isn’t really an act of randomity. Getting something for nothing is the general definition of luck by the people who have convinced themselves that circumstances are bigger than their ability to overcome them. There sure are people who were hit by that stroke of luck but they don’t survive long with it.

So how does one get lucky? By pushing it. Push your luck. What is the worst that can happen that isn’t happening already? If you want work, ask for work. What is the worst that can happen? You wont get it. But then you don’t have it anyway so asking isn’t going to make it any worse.

Luck Formula #1 - Outflow equals inflow: If you want to create more clients, if you want to sell more, if you want to earn more, go out and create a bigger outflow. If twenty no’s bring you one yes, then if you want ten yesses, you need to wade through two hundred no’s. That’s the only math you need to be good at to see success. When you see the guy who got ten yesses, you think he is lucky. If you look close you will find the one hundred and ninety no’s he discarded to get to the success you so envy today.

Luck Formula # 2 – Negotiate, push your luck: Even when you are in a tight spot, negotiate. Don’t settle for less without pushing your luck first. If the client doesn’t want to buy what you are selling, ask for a reference. If he asks for a discount, push for him to buy two to justify the lowered price. If the client doesn’t want to buy from you at all, make a friend. Either way get something out of that interaction. Put yourself in the habit of pushing your luck and you will get lucky more often.

Luck Formula # 3 – Positivity is the breeding ground for luck: Don’t compare yourself with failures and negativity. Use pitfalls and discouragement to find points of improvement. Don’t trap yourself with the question, “What did I do wrong?” the question that will get you lucky is “How can I do this better the next time around?” Dig for betterment, fish for positive correction, go for higher standards and you will be ahead of your own expectations.


Mukesh Malviya said...

Yes you are somewhat right but not 100%. Luck is a factor, whether we accept or not. You cannot succeed 100% without luck. You always win with only your efforts but there is always hidden luck which help you to succeed. This does not mean that we depends on luck but our overall success definitely having some part of luck.

Sometime people take efforts more than enough but either they do not succeed or any other reason happened for not completing their goal 100%. Although You can succeed without luck but for 100% you need some percentage of luck.

Ankur Agarwal said...

Agree in totality.... For luck to shine.... More than 100% commitment and action is required

Ankur Agarwal said...

Agree in totality.... For luck to shine.... More than 100% commitment and action is required

quest or desire said...


surya said...

How can I do this better the next time around is a gud question we ought to ask ourselves gud one priya n thanks for wonderful articles

Shubhada Kumbhar said...

Lovely. Extremely positive & inspiring.
Push your limits & move ahead.

Worsman said...

Thank you Priya...that was well said!