Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Making a Come Back to Blogging

It's been a few years now... blogging has taken a back seat. But something tugs at my heart tonight, to write... away from my daily journal... into a daily blog. It's a queer expression of extroversion, where I feel the urge not just to think aloud, but to think along... with you.

I sit in my hotel room in Indore... writing.
I just arrived this afternoon, and at 1.12am it seems I have been here for days. Have you ever spent a day in such high randomity, where you met with so many people and went such a great distance in that connection, that it distorted time. I think that is the power only human connection can bring. This kind of metaphysics occurs when people connect at a soul level, at a common frequency, of love.

I landed this afternoon. I spoke to a crowd of over a 1000 students in Daly College and then to a group of 150 Top CEO's in the evening. And guess what, this feels like home. They weren't strangers. These were people I had an instant connection with... the feeling that I had known them a long time. And it remained a constant all through my day.

Is my profession an accident, or am I moving to a higher place of connection?
Is my presence in their presence a coincidence, or am I moving to a deeper place of love?
Is my purpose leading me or am I being lead to my purpose?

The answer isn't as important as the feeling that I feel... that all is right... and that is how it should be.

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Preet said...

We readers welcome the comeback