Monday, August 1, 2016

Change or Be Changed

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading – Lao Tzu

With the amount of self help books that occupy shelf space in people’s houses and with the amount of personal growth initiatives that do the rounds in conferences, the world should have been a magical place by now. So where is the ‘life of your dreams’ as promised by the best selling authors and programs?

The truth that persists and yet eludes most people is that for things to change, you have to change. Even if one didn’t read a single book, we know right from wrong, we know what we must do and should do and yet don’t do. What is needed is—change and application of what one knows to be right. So the real issue here is that with so much inspiration and guidance at our disposal, why don’t we change?

When change is optional, we opt out of leaving our comfort zone and adopting a new way of thinking or working or living. It is when change is no longer an option that people wake up and smell the coffee, and often, when that bell of change rings—it’s too late. The guy won’t quit smoking, even with the alarming propagandas and increasing restrictions, and not to mention the soaring tobacco prices. But one medical report gone wrong, he has no option but to change. If you are waiting for a ‘no other option’ report on your life, that change won’t bring you pleasure. Give yourself that ticket anyway. If your life is far from the one you have in your vision, you don’t have an option but to act now in accordance.

When pretense has become a habit people fool themselves that their life is okay and that they are on the right track. Ask someone “how are you doing?” and the rote answer that comes through is, “life is good”, whereas his bank balance, his children, his bosses can testify the contrary. Keeping a social image is one thing, but many have started lying to themselves on a daily basis that their life is okay. Okay in today’s world sucks. Why would anyone want to live an okay life and give an okay performance at work and be an okay father at home and bring back an okay paycheck? One has to stop pretending that everything is okay and gear up to make their lives better.

When people are afraid to lose they refuse to change. And by lose I don’t mean lose out on delivering results—people are actually afraid to lose their familiar ground, they are afraid to lose their friends, their comfort zone and their habits. They are not able to adjust to the idea of moving out of their familiar territory. That’s what they are afraid of. They are not afraid to lose in the future! If they had their eyes on the future, then they could also see alternate realities. They say they are looking at the future, but their sight is stuck on what they would lose in present time. Let me tell you this—whether you are heading for progress or not, times will change, your friends will change, your work will change, heck, everything will change, it already is changing. But because that change is so gradual, you don’t feel it. You will lose your health, your youth, your friends and your family, and you will also lose your life one day. Loss is inevitable. But don’t let that come in the way of the gains you can have.

There is enough material, enough inspiration and enough goodness in the world at your disposal. Getting to the petrol station is not enough, fueling up and then putting your car into gear is what will take you places. It would be quite foolish to not make power and passion a part of your life and steer it in the direction where abundance is your inheritance.

Take that step today to break through the inhibitions and the self-doubt that has been holding you back. To give you that extra edge and that much-needed push, we have a Personal Breakthrough Workshop on 20th August 2016, in Mumbai. If you are totally committed to making that change in your life where you want to Unleash Your True Potential and get moving on the path of your calling, register now. In this one-day workshop you get to walk on fire. You cannot help but have a different viewpoint on your own life and abilities once you walk across the path of blazing fire, unharmed, for if you can conquer fire, you sure can conquer your own limiting beliefs.

On early bird registration you get a one-on-one exclusive session with me where I help you create a battle plan to get you started on your vision and goals, worth Rs. 25,000 absolutely free. Not only that, you get access to three video sessions spread over the next three months that will address your concerns, keep you focused on your goals and give you the winner’s edge in your daily living.

Commitment to your dreams is the key. I am here to help.

Rooting for your success.


Shubhada Kumbhar said...

A much needed article in today's times. Its awesome....

Shubhada Kumbhar said...

A much needed article in today's times. Its awesome....

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