Thursday, August 4, 2016

Do Whatever It Takes

If you’re interested in something you will do what is convenient.
If you are committed to something, you will do whatever it takes.
~ Murray Smith

We make things happen, we all have made things happen—the impossible into possible, we all have such stories of victory where we moved against all odds and delivered. And the common thread weaving through these stories is that you did not have an option but to deliver. When the heat turns up and excuses are no longer acceptable, where the stakes are high, we move into “do whatever it takes mode” and deliver.

If your baby girl was in ICU, you would do whatever it takes to get whatever there is to be done to save her life. Allow me to let you in to this fact, your family, their dreams and their hopes are already in ICU. Serving them and nurturing their dreams and securing their future is not easy. You have to do whatever it takes to get whatever needs to be done.

There are no shortcuts to make it to the finish line. You will be disqualified in the race and in life if you make that attempt. History stands witness in every industry where people that take shortcuts may get away with it for sometime but you will also find that those people slip back to ‘start’ in time. People resort to shortcuts when they are no longer willing to do whatever it takes. And they will keep cutting their dreams short in that ratio.

Do whatever it takes means that when things are not working, you have to speed up, find alternate routes, make adjustments or simply do what needs to be done to get your results back on track. If 10 calls are not working and not getting you to connect with the people you need, make 20 calls. If 20 calls are not working, make 40 calls. If 40 calls are not working, hit the road and catch the people in their offices. If that is not working, ask friends for references, if that is not working, consult your boss, if that doesn’t work…. Basically, you stop when you get the job done.

I attended the inauguration of a children’s hospital one time. The CEO of the hospital told the story that the night before the inauguration, the walls of the corridor leading to the main wing were not painted. With the workers gone and the contractor not traceable, he gathered his team and they came together and painted the corridor all through the night. Its not a piece of perfection but it carries the scent of their attitude and still serves as an example for them that no one and nothing can stop you from achieving what you want, if you are willing to let go of your inhibitions and step up to do whatever it takes even if that means doing things that you have never done before and doing things that are not expected of you.

How would your life change if you embraced challenges head on and did not shy away from problems especially when they compelled you to leave your comfort zone and try something new? That is the definition of a problem; it instills apparent fear. You break that with self-confidence, with self-belief, with passion as your driving fuel, where you dreams are more important to you than the temporary struggles that you have to move past. A personal breakthrough awaits you at the helm of every challenge. To get you a taste of who you really are and what you are capable of doing, this 20th August, participate in the Personal Breakthrough Workshop. Reclaim your confidence, put a plan toward your future, put together your faith in your abilities, that you are enough, all by yourself to accomplish your goals. Walk on fire, unharmed and ignite that raging flame of confidence that you are bigger than any challenge that life and circumstance throws at you.

I am committed to keep you committed to your goals. Come make it happen. Invest in the power that is innate to you and make memories of achievement that will constantly fuel your confidence each time it takes a negative hit.

This 20th August, the Personal Breakthrough Workshop could be a stepping stone toward the success you are destined for.

Rooting for your success.

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