Friday, January 11, 2008

Follow Your Heart - Extended

Nupur said: I agree following your heart is the best thing...but at times it might not be the smartest thing to do cause it seems that the heart lives for the today, and the decisions made may cause you pain in the future which only the brain can rationalize.
Any thoughts on the same???

Following your heart is the one thing which will lead you to success. When you follow your heart, you are doing the right thing. And you know you are doing the right thing, because all that you do and say is for the highest good. When you follow your heart, you are not the sole beneficiary of your actions and goals. You will see your family, your friends, your colleagues and the society at large benefit. But if what you do is only easing your heart and causing inconvenience or upset to those aroound you, then maybe you need to take a rain check on what is going on and in which direction your contribution and intention is moving.
The rule of the thumb is that when you follow your heart, you spread love, because that is an expression of the heart which will show up in your work. And it not only engulfs you, but affects all those who are connected with you.

Hope this helps.


jayu said...

Dear ma'am,

I feel that the explanation is very clear and relevant.

Thanks so much

Have a rocking day!!

jayu said...
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jayu said...
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Amrita said...

Dear Priya,

The coach is back with a bang!!!

I agree with Jayu! I also believe that the conscience plays a big part when we take decisions by following our heart. I feel decisions taken by the heart that benefit the maximum entities for good is a conscientious decision too. But when we take decisions that only ease the heart and cause pain to others around, it necessarily was taken by shutting up the conscience.

Varsha said...

Hi Priya,
I love this article :)
Next time whenever confused i deffinately will follow my heart.
Thanks for sharing this with us

Suraj said...

Your answer to nupur's query is very much to the point. Very impressive. Lot to learn out of it. Sometimes i feel what is right for me is right for everyone & that leads to a problem & misunderstanding. i will keep ths in mind so that i dont hurt anyone. Thanks

flashblogger said...

Here is my 2 bits worth on this

Right or wrong – at any given time of your life are relative terms. What is right for you could be wrong for the other person and visa versa. The bottom line is that life cannot be lived on external references alone.

If we take the above to be a given – Then one needs to build his/her own internal references and I think that is what- listening to your heart is all about!

What seems to be right today is because that’s what your mind, heart and soul is telling you – That is what your reference sets say. The same decision may look like a mistake at some later date because you have grown as a person and your frame of references have changed.

So, doing what seems to be the best of you, at this very moment and being able to look back on a day and not feel sorry for anything – I think that’s what listening to your heart is all about.

Cheers and wish you all the very best!

OctoberFaith said...

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