Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Follow Your Heart

I often sit down and wonder, on what really is the purpose of one's life ? What purpose could i possibly have come to fulfill on this planet earth ? And I feel that the real glory of being alive, is to follow your heart.
The heart is the only organ of the body, that when it stops, it brings an end to all other organs, including the body itself. So our heart keeps us alive, and in my perspective our heart also directs our life. Following your heart to me means doing what one feels is the right thing to do. Often times we suppress what we feel is the right thing to do just out of the sheer fear of being judged.
Often people ask me how i made it so far, so young. And I guess I have only followed my heart in all that I do, and in all that I dont do :O) It's a choice that I have made, and not that has been made for me.
I feel that true success lies in living your life your way, on your own terms, following your own heart, not someone else's. Those who spend their lives chasing other people's dreams, following someone else's heart, are the one's who land up with their own messed up.
In my company, we have like minded people. Everyone works because THEY WANT to, and not because they have to, and thats I guess is the biggest reason of our success.
Follow your heart, and you will see that world will open its arms to you :O)
Love always, Priya


Suraj said...

Hey thts such a nice come back article :o) Simple & sweet. True whoever follows what their heart say they do achieve their dreamz. Thanks & good luck.

Nupur said...
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Nupur said...

Its nice to see the blog start again....I agree following your heart is the best thing...but at times it might not be the smartest thing to do cause it seems that the heart lives for the today, and the decisions made may cause you pain in the future which only the brain can rationalize.
Any thoughts on the same???

jayu said...

Hi mam,

Good to see your blog after long.

I agree with you, one must listen to what his/her heart says and do only that.

I remember when i had met u first for job, i decided to quit the company i was working with instantly, just because my heart felt so, and i am happy where i am today, of course i have to improve a lot and move ahead ;o))

Thank You for the blog again

Jitu said...

That is absolutely true if you want to achieve any thing just follow your heart and finish it.

thank you so much

Amrita said...

Its so true. Following the heart really does give one a sense of fulfillment. It also sets things in perspective. At times following the heart may seem to put one in trouble, but it does make sure that one is doing what he/ she feels best.
Thanks for this blog! :)

Nitin Vazirani said...

I hope it works for me too. Cheers!

OctoberFaith said...

Harriets/Carlas/Flurije/Nancy/God's reframe:

suraj = so u return assets, jesus.

nupur = new u person u return.

jayu = just assess your u

mam = man assigns meaning

jitu = just in time u

amrita = assests mean return investments to assets

nitin vazirani=

nothing invested turns investments to nothing. valued asset zeroes = investment returns asset nothing invested.


vazirani , is that suppose to be a choice in where I put my belief? or my love?

OctoberFaith said...

oh I see. It is "the mirror" hope that causes the problem.

OctoberFaith said...

but I wasn't hoping for her back ... tell this all started.

of course I was just holding back my pain and love for her instead of for god.

OctoberFaith said...

so I should feal happy I got my religion and soul back.

so I should be happy. Why do I just feel balanced instead?

oh yeah I forgot my Positive Mental Attitude. I need that too.
I need that too.

OctoberFaith said...

Thank you. Whomever?